Sunday 20 April 2014

Roman walls at Pevensey Castle
Hastings Castle
Darron and Jamie at the spot where our king fell,with the group flag.Memorial cross, bottom left of the slab.
On top of Senlac Hill,among the English positions.
The memorial slab marking the spot where King Harold fell.
Norman keep at Pevensey
                                                                The Ypres Tower at Rye.

Hastings Trip

In early April this year,some Bar Folc members went on holiday to East Sussex and visited a number of historic places linked with our great English heritage and culture,most notably the small town of Battle,where as you know ,William the Bastard began the invasion and subjugation of our land and folc.We were honoured to stand where our great King Harold fell fighting and Darron Fogg laid a memorial cross for our King and all his men.
We also visited Hastings Castle,Pevensey Castle,Camber Castle and the Ypres Tower in Rye,as well as the usual holiday haunts.We were fortunate with excellent weather for all but 1 day ! It is certainly beneficial for anyone interested in our history to join English Heritage as we have done.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Anglo - Saxon Kingdoms

English White Dragon

By the 4th century A.D. , the Roman province of Britannia was manned  by troops of approximately 75% Germanic origin . By the middle of the 5th century , what troops were left garrisoned here were virtually homogenously Germanic . As the Romans themselves had left to defend their crumbling empire from other invading Germanic tribes , the troops in Britannia called on their relatives back in Germania , the Frisian islands and Denmark , to come ever to Britain , as there was land for the taking in a very underpopulated country . The Romano - British ( Celts ) constituted a small number and were always in-fighting for power inside their petty kingdoms . Hence around 449 A.D. , the Celtic King Vortigern , asked the Germanic warriors to help him keep power . These warriors were led by the now legendary Jutish brothers, Hengest and Horsa .
These Germanic warriors were too good at their task and eventually took over Vortigerns kingdom themselves , establishing their own kingdoms . There were the following Kingdoms , all named after the folk who founded them ;
West Seaxe , West Saxony ( Wessex )
East Seaxe , East Saxony ( Essex )
SuĂ° Seaxe , South Saxony ( Sussex )
MiddelSeaxe , Middle Saxony (Middlesex )
Cantware , Kentfolk (Kent ) , Jutish ,
NorĂ°anhymbra , North of the Humber (Northumbria )
Mierce , Border area ( Mercia )
East Angeln , East Angles (East Anglia )
There were a number of smaller kingdoms such as Deira , Hwicce and Bernicia.Eventually all these Smaller kingdoms were either absorbed by the larger ones or became Earldoms in one great nation , Angeland , England !

Friday 10 January 2014

The Bar Folc Welcome You

The Bar Folc have landed!
Greetings to our friends in Angeln and overseas! The Angelcynn Bar Folc (English Boar Folk) are a brand new Anglo-Saxon / Anglo-Dane re-enactment group, Created in August 2012.